What are the applications of hot melt adhesives in the field of clothing


The hot melt adhesive film products used in the clothin […]

The hot melt adhesive film products used in the clothing industry are mainly three types: hot-melt adhesive film, hot-melt mesh film, and hot-melt double-sided adhesive interlining. Among these three products, you can regard the hot-melt double-sided adhesive interlining as a derivative product of hot-melt mesh.


Adhesive Resin for Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel(ACP)


Whether it is hot-melt adhesive film or hot-melt mesh film, they are all the same in material, and there are four types of pa, pes, eva, and tpu. Regarding their characteristics, I will not repeat them here. If you are not very clear, you can read the articles shared by the editor. Since clothing has high requirements for the washing resistance of hot melt adhesives, hot melt adhesive products made of eva material with poor washing resistance can be excluded.


The other three types of hot melt adhesive products can be said to cover all aspects of the clothing field. The application of hot melt adhesive film in the field of clothing is represented by outdoor clothing, such as the combination of jackets and various sports fabrics. This is mainly because the hot melt adhesive film has good waterproof properties.


There are many applications of hot-melt mesh in the field of clothing. For example, shirts, leather garments, and even close-fitting underwear will use hot-melt mesh as a bonding adhesive. The application of hot-melt double-sided adhesive lining in the field of clothing is mainly concentrated in the seamless composite of clothing. For example, seamless bonding of seamless underwear, clothing cuffs, and plackets requires the use of hot-melt double-sided adhesive linings to complete.