What are the characteristics of hot melt adhesive film?


Hot melt adhesive films are classified into two major c […]

Hot melt adhesive films are classified into two major categories: thermoplastic and thermosetting according to their characteristics of use. They have the following characteristics:
1. Have a good, consistent and uniform bonding thickness;
2. Easy to process, no solvent, easy to process;
3. Good adhesion to many objects;
4. The thickness is 0.1-0.203MM, and the color is translucent/amber;
5. It can be punched into precise shapes and sizes, suitable for purely manual or automated applications.
It can bond metal, plastic, paper, wood, ceramics, textiles and other materials, and good results can be obtained by bonding on uneven surfaces; mainly used for bonding nameplates, plastics, hardware, and metal for electronic products. Adhesive and fixation of shells, adhesive fixation of reinforcing plates, lamination and adhesion of smart cards and chip passports, adhesion of mobile phone window frames and front covers, and adhesion of camera battery slots, etc.
Major international brands and models:
3M: 3M615, 3M668, 3M583, etc.;
TESA: TESA8432, TESA8475, etc.;
Scarpa: H193, H192, etc.

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