What are the maintenance and cutting requirements of the protective film


Various casting hot fusible film should ensure their pe […]

Various casting hot fusible film should ensure their performance and quality. If they are improperly repaired, the surface will be damaged, which will affect normal use. However, various quality defects will appear after cutting, partly due to cutting technology. When dust is found on the surface, do not wash it with water. Otherwise, it will affect the adhesion, just wipe it with a dry paper towel. Generally speaking, oil pollution is the opponent of the protective film. Occupying the oil pollution will lose the material and protect the goods, so it cannot be contaminated by oil.Some need to be isolated from the outside world and can be easily completed with only tape when using.


Tapes of nylon net hot melt adhesive with release paper for garment


Only when special materials are used on a specific surface can it be easily repaired.After the profile is installed and constructed, when the user tears off the protective film from the surface of the profile, it will not follow the surface of the protective film, but will leave the protective film, which is a phenomenon that users do not want to see. Because it is too much trouble, some people drop this glue from the profile, which is very troublesome. There are many possibilities for this problem. The possibility is that the pressure glue used in the product does not meet the requirements, that is, the viscosity is too high, and the external tension is greater than when the product is peeled off.


The internal stress remains on the profile. Because the different environmental humidity and working temperature do cause great harm to the viscosity of the protective film, since the adhesive of the film is all solution-based adhesives, it is inevitable that the presence of moisture will suffer from natural Environmental hazards cause sticky fluctuations. In layman's terms, when the weather is cold and dry, the attractiveness of the molecular structure of the adhesive decreases, and the relative viscosity of the adhesive decreases.


In the warm, wet and cold spring, the viscosity will expand a little, especially in the hot summer, the adhesive will be higher. If it is a particularly humid and cold natural environment, water vapor may penetrate into the viscose many of the viscose is also water-soluble super glue), and the viscosity will also change differently.After a period of use, the protective film appears in the middle and the effect is very good, but the phenomenon of double wings appears at both ends. The main reason is that the degree of stretching during the bonding process is large, and the high temperature environment occurs after feeding, and the problem occurs. It mostly occurs in the products of southern users, so in the production process, attention should be paid to the impact of environmental temperature differences on product use.