What are the types of hot melt adhesive film?


1. Divided according to whether the hot melt adhesive film has a substrate or not:

According to whether the hot melt adhesive film has a substrate, it can be divided into three types: with release film, with release paper, and without substrate. Among them, hot melt adhesive films with release paper are generally more expensive, followed by release films, and relatively cheap ones without substrates.

The hot melt adhesive film with the substrate is generally used in the product process that requires a second time, and the substrate-free hot melt adhesive film is used in the product process of a composite molding.

2. Divided according to the material of the hot melt adhesive film:

According to the material of hot melt adhesive film is the main division method at present, the material types of hot melt adhesive film mainly include: pa, eva, pes, eaa, tpu these five types of hot melt adhesive film. Someone may ask if there is a hot melt adhesive film made of pet and pu. Pet and pu are both types of materials that require hot-melt adhesive film composite, not the material of hot-melt adhesive film.

3. Divided according to high and low temperature:

Strictly speaking, high and low temperature cannot be used as a basis for the classification of hot melt adhesive films, but more as a reference basis for the selection of hot melt adhesive films.

The main method of dividing the types of hot melt adhesive film is still based on the material. Whether it has a substrate, the type of high and low temperature, as well as the width, thickness, etc. are all dimensions used to select specific specifications as a reference. The material of the hot-melt adhesive film is suitable for the industry, and the compounding process and compounding conditions of the product determine the melting point, width, and thickness of the hot-melt adhesive film to be selected.

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