What are the use of hot melt glue machine?


Speaking of the application of hot melt adhesive machin […]

Speaking of the application of hot melt adhesive machines in various industries, the development of our related industries has advanced to an advanced stage, and the production capacity and related operator configuration have also changed. So this benefits from the convenience brought to us by the development of science and technology today. But how many people know what the ingredients of related consumables are? The most commonly used one is hot melt glue sticks. What are the ingredients of hot melt glue sticks?
Nowadays, hot melt glue sticks have the advantages of high strength, aging resistance, non-toxicity, and good thermal stability. It can be used for wood, plastic, fiber, fabric, metal, furniture, lampshade, leather, handicrafts, toy electronics, electrical components, paper Products, ceramics, pearl cotton packaging and other inter-adhesive solids can be widely used in factories and households.
The hot melt glue stick is white and opaque (strong type), non-toxic, easy to operate, without carbonization in continuous use. It has the characteristics of fast bonding, high strength, aging resistance, non-toxic, good thermal stability, and film toughness. The shapes are rod and granular. Low temperature resistant hot melt adhesive is suitable for hot melt glue guns and machines, used for bonding wood, paper products, fiber products, leather, metal, plastics, especially suitable for export and high-cold areas, low-temperature areas, good viscosity, not open It is a high-grade hot-melt adhesive product with no glue drop and no cracking. It is non-toxic and meets environmental protection requirements. Medium hardness, good toughness, medium fluidity, strong adhesion and easy operation.

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The company professionally research and produce various kinds of hot melt adhesive materials, including EVA、PA、PO、PES、PU、HDPE apertured films, PE film for the wrinkle-free shirt, hemming web, hot melt net with/without backing paper, and other hot melt adhesive related materials. And Thermoplastic adhesive film and seam sealing tapes for apparel, textile, automotive and the craft and hobby markets, garment linings, vehicle interior decorations, shoe materials, furniture, filtration, medical treatments, construction materials, and other fields. Besides, we are experienced in exporting our products to worldwide.

We offer service and experience of thermo-adhesive nets/webs/films with or without backing paper and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Melt-blown Non-woven Fabrics as well as strong expertise of laminating.