What hot melt adhesive film is used for leather lamination?


Leather is a material that we often use in the shoe ind […]

Leather is a material that we often use in the shoe industry, luggage and clothing industry, especially in the shoe and luggage industry. As a traditional and well-loved material, leather has a wide range of applications.

According to the properties of its materials, leather can be roughly divided into two categories: genuine leather and artificial PU leather. The leather is also divided into the first layer of leather and the second layer of cowhide, in addition to synthetic leather, the price is successively decreasing. Because the scalp skin retains the texture of the skin surface and has better strength, it is a better quality dermis, so the price is of course higher.

For leather compounding, solvent-based glue was used in the past to deal with it, which is very harmful to the health of production workers. Since the advent of hot-melt adhesive film products, such problems have been solved. Hot-melt adhesive films can perfectly replace the requirements of traditional glue for composite leather, and there is no need to make too many improvements in the composite equipment and process, even in some cases. These product process links can also play a role in reducing the overall cost of the enterprise.

So, what kind of hot-melt adhesive film is often used for leather composite bonding? For leather, especially artificial PU leather, we often use TPU hot melt adhesive film. TPU hot melt adhesive film has good adhesion properties to leather materials, and it has a softer hand than other materials, and has better washing resistance characteristics.

For the compounding of the first layer of skin, sometimes there are requirements for air permeability. At this time, we often use TPU hot melt adhesive mesh for compounding. This is because the mesh product has certain pores. When bonding materials It will also leave a certain gap, so as to meet the requirements of leather for air permeability and achieve a better overall effect.

The application of hot melt adhesive film in leather bonding and lamination is now very mature. The bags and shoes we use in our daily life, mainstream brands now basically use hot melt adhesive film, which is an environmentally friendly adhesive product for bonding. After that, the hot melt adhesive film is not far away from you, it is by your side.