What material is the strongest for hot melt adhesive


To figure out "what PE wrinkle free shirt tape material […]

To figure out "what PE wrinkle free shirt tape material is the strongest for hot-melt adhesives", in essence, it is necessary to first understand the material type of conventional hot-melt adhesives, the scope of application of different material types, and solve the problem of pasting compound links. The material type of hot-melt adhesive is a common issue.


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If you have read the article before the editor, you should be familiar with the material type of hot-melt adhesive. Here we simply talk about it. We only look at the division of hot melt adhesives in terms of their materials, which can be divided into four conventional hot melt adhesives: pa, pes, eva, and tpu.


Special materials are not considered because of their special characteristics, such as HY-W9128 hot melt omentum used for bonding PP materials. These special specifications are too targeted and should not be used as a reference. No matter what kind of hot melt adhesive, their role is used for the bonding and compounding of materials.


The reason why there are so many types is mainly to solve the problem of material compatibility. Different types of materials have different compatibility with different types of materials. For example, the compatibility of materials such as pa, tpu, eaa and metal is very poor, but the compatibility of pes material and metal is very good. There are many compatibility problems like these, so I will not give examples.