What raw material is the hot melt adhesive film made of


Hot melt adhesive film belongs to the category of hot m […]

Hot melt adhesive film belongs to the category of hot melt adhesive, which is actually made of hot melt adhesive particles as raw materials. The hot-melt adhesive particles are melted at high temperature in a sol box through professional production equipment, and then made by processes such as scraping, blowing, and coating.


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The hot melt adhesive film produced by different production processes differs in whether it has release materials, thickness and uniformity. Strictly speaking, the hot melt adhesive film is actually a derivative product of the hot melt adhesive product, because it is a solid state with stable performance at room temperature and does not have the slightest stickiness, but after high temperature, it will have both sides.


It is very sticky, so we can make it into any shape, so that we can use it for the composite use of various materials in production. In fact, the derivative products of hot-melt adhesives are not the only type of hot-melt adhesive film. The well-known hot-melt adhesive sticks, hot-melt adhesive blocks, hot-melt adhesive membranes, hot-melt films.


Derivatives of hot melt adhesives. We have introduced the composition types of hot melt adhesive films in many articles. According to the raw materials, they are divided into tpu, pes, eva, pes, eaa, pa and other materials, and the fields and materials for hot melt adhesive films of different compositions There are also differences.