What to pay attention to when processing PET film


Nowadays, many casting hot fusible film processing plac […]

Nowadays, many casting hot fusible film processing places will pay attention to the application of PET color film. Although this material is not much different from ordinary PET film in the production process, it is necessary to make the surface of the finished material have rich color effects. Adding different raw materials and using special processing methods for processing, the film made in this way will produce different color effects through refraction during use.


Width 15mm adhesive net with silicon paper tapes



Color films are now widely used in packaging and decoration industries. Started to get the affirmation of many users.So what issues should be paid attention to in the process of processing PET color film? Nowadays, many packaging industries need to print on the surface of the material when using color film, but the problem that needs to be paid attention to is that the temperature resistance of color film is relatively low, so during the processing of the material, if the temperature exceeds.


When the film can withstand the range, the film will begin to have quality problems such as wrinkles, so special attention should be paid to temperature control during the processing of the film.Whether it is usually using PET color film or performing other process operations on the film, pay attention to whether it exceeds the stretch range of the film. This film has a certain degree of elasticity, but if the tension is too large, the film cannot be restored to its original shape.


In the state, this will affect the actual application of the film, so when processing the film, you need to be careful not to use the film as an outer film, so as to avoid quality problems caused by excessive tension.The PET color film produced today is also relatively weak to acid and alkaline substances, so be careful not to contact with corrosive substances during use of the film.