Where is the hot melt adhesive omentum used


If you want to hot melt adhesive film vote for some hig […]

If you want to hot melt adhesive film vote for some high-frequency hot melt adhesive omentum problems, "What is hot melt adhesive omentum?" must be at the top of the list! Even though the hot-melt adhesive omentum has been promoted and operated in the market for many years, it has even been widely purchased and used by various industries, and its "true face" seems to be difficult for many people to get a glimpse of it. Many people always mistake it for non-woven fabric, just because its physical form is indeed too similar to non-woven fabric.


PA Hotmelt Adhesive Film


Hot melt adhesive omentum is a non-woven fabric-like polymer thermoplastic adhesive. Simply put, it just looks like a non-woven fabric, but it is still a kind of hot melt adhesive. As the saying goes: people can’t look at appearances, and hot-melt adhesive omentum can also not look at appearances! Hot-melt adhesive mesh is usually made of polymer particles such as PA, PES, EVA, TPU, etc., which are ground into ultra-fine powder after being added, and melted and spun at high temperature. The hot melt is extruded by high-speed hot air to the die nozzle.


The thin stream of glue particles melts for traction and stretching, thereby forming ultra-fine glue fibers, which rely on their own viscosity to combine into a uniform network film layer of different grammes. After several cooling processes, they are condensed on the condensation net curtain or drum, and accepted into Roll, then cut into the required width, packaging and forming.A simple understanding of the production process of hot-melt adhesive omentum is enough.


As the saying goes, "the hero does not ask where it comes from", the fact that hot-melt adhesive omentum is easy to use is the last word! The home textile industry and home building materials industry are typically the processing and production of wall coverings, curtains and other products;For example, in the aspect of wearing: the processing and production of clothing, the lamination of non-woven fabrics, and the field of shoemaking, etc., all need to use hot melt adhesive mesh as the adhesive for material composite.For example, in the industry: the processing of related aviation materials, the processing of automobile related accessories, etc., hot melt adhesive omentum is a very good adhesive!