Where is the specific application of PET color film


Modern people's awareness of PET color PE wrinkle free […]

Modern people's awareness of PET color PE wrinkle free shirt tape film is getting higher and higher. This film is not the same as the previous plastic film. Although they have different colors, the processing process of PET color film is more complicated. It is made of multilayer resin. Combined with processed films. But many people don't know where the PET color film is used. The difference between PET color film and ordinary film is that it can be printed on the label of the film, and this film is more in line with the needs of modern society in terms of thickness and aesthetics.


At present, the most common products in PET color film are colorful film and colorful film. This kind of film has great practicability and can be used as ordinary packaging or as composite packaging. PET film plays an important role in the production of mobile phone screen protection materials, and electronic products also need to be protected by PET materials, which can prevent the screen from being scratched and ensure product quality. Therefore, the application of this material in the electronic processing industry is very important universal.


PET material also has a certain degree of airtightness, and its resistance to humid environments is relatively high, but some performance states of the material will begin to change after entering low temperature conditions, so it is necessary to pay attention to temperature control during production and processing , PET material is also a material with good mechanical properties, the processing method is more flexible and convenient, the material also has a certain degree of toughness, the specifications and dimensions are very reasonable, and can be processed in accordance with the actual needs of users in the process of use.


Fruit candy packaging that fits people's lives will use PET color film. Because of the high transparency of this material, it can show different aesthetics when decorating candy. This kind of packaged candy is more popular. Although people often do not know the usefulness of color films, non-woven fabrics or environmental protection bags that they often come into contact with in life also have such materials. At present, many consumers in the society choose products with good quality and beautiful packaging when choosing products. PET color film just has the effect of improving the beauty of the product, and can play a very good protective and decorative effect. Therefore, more and more manufacturers Began to pay attention to the use of PET color film.