Why can hot melt adhesives be used in the automotive industry and how are they used?


According to different materials, hot melt adhesives for vehicles include EVA, rubber, APAO, PUR, PA, PES, etc. Different types of hot melt adhesives will be selected for different parts and uses.

Hot melt adhesives for vehicles can be divided into two types according to their functions: adhesive type and sealed type. The sealing type mainly uses butyl rubber, and we will not discuss it here.

Hot melt adhesives for vehicles can be divided into common type and heat-resistant type according to their purpose and application temperature. Automobiles are mainly driven outdoors, and hot melt adhesives are usually required to have a certain degree of heat resistance.Automobiles are composed of thousands of parts, among which there are many parts that use hot melt adhesives. Here are a few more commonly used and common parts:

1. Traditional headlamps use perforated rubber sealing strips and screw compression seals. After the use of hot melt adhesive, it can not only fast bond, but also play a sealing role, which not only reduces the cost, but is also conducive to automated production. . There are mainly three types of adhesives: rubber type, APAO adhesive, and PUR adhesive. They require good temperature resistance, high strength and shock resistance.

2. In the past, instrument panels, ventilation ducts, and internal fasteners were all fixed and connected mechanically, which was time-consuming and labor-intensive, and was also inefficient and poor sealing performance. After using hot melt adhesive film, production efficiency and product quality are greatly improved. These parts generally use heat-resistant hot melt adhesives, and the base material is mainly EVA and polyolefin.

3. The roof is a composite of plastic sheets, mainly using PE or EVA hot melt adhesive film or powder.

4. The door panel assembly requires hot melt adhesive bonding, which involves the bonding of polypropylene parts, and the fixing of audio and wiring harnesses. APAO and temperature-resistant hot melt adhesives are mainly used.

5. Insulation pads for car carpets and floors, inner buckles of trunks, etc., these are the commonly used hot melt adhesives on cars. There are lumps, granules and rods in hot melt adhesives. Mainly include pressure sensitive adhesive, EVA particles, adhesive strips and APAO. Need to open for a long time, easy to assemble and fit large parts, high temperature resistance, low odor.

6. Fix the wiring harness of the car. There are a large number of wires inside the car. So many wiring harnesses cannot be fixed with pipes like home decoration. Fixing with hot melt adhesive is a time-saving and effective method, and the hot melt adhesive has a certain The elasticity does not fall off during driving, and it is easy to remove when repairs are needed. Adhesive strips and APAO hot melt adhesive are mainly used here.