Factors affecting the composite effect of hot melt adhesive omentum


When someone thermo-adhesive film consults a certain ho […]

When someone thermo-adhesive film consults a certain hot-melt adhesive omentum, it often reflects why some of the hot-melt adhesive film products they are using always have some conditions. The common ones are poor bonding and degumming after a period of time. . In fact, there are many reasons for these problems. The selection of the material type of hot melt adhesive omentum is a factor that needs to be emphasized first.

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I have already introduced and explained the material characteristics of hot melt adhesive omentum in many articles. In simple terms, the reason why hot melt adhesive omentum has so many material classifications is to meet the needs of different materials. Different materials are not compatible with the material of hot-melt adhesive omentum. If the wrong choice is made, there will be inadequate bonding and degumming. Composite hardware equipment is also very important. Some customers may use older equipment.


It is very likely that they will not meet the requirements for the use of hot-melt adhesive omentum of certain specifications. This requires the replacement of hot-melt adhesive omentum. type. The hot-melt adhesive omentum is a hot-pressed adhesive. When used, the temperature reaches the melting point to melt it, and then the bonding is completed under a certain pressure. In the whole process of bonding, the three elements of temperature, pressure and time are indispensable.


Although the material types of hot-melt adhesive omentum are diverse, from the current technical point of view, they cannot fully meet the composite bonding needs of all types of materials. For some special materials, it may be necessary to further tackle related technical problems. For example, the bonding of pp materials has plagued the composite industry for many years, and it has only recently been resolved. In general, the factors that affect the bonding effect of the hot-melt adhesive omentum are mainly the above several, which can be adjusted after specific analysis.