What is heat activated adhesive


A heat activated adhesive is a type of adhesive, usuall […]

A heat activated adhesive is a type of adhesive, usually thermo-adhesive film applied to a tape backing, that will not bond at normal temperatures. Instead, it becomes sticky in certain temperatures, wherein the adhesive chemicals are activated and can form a bond.As the name implies, this is a non-sticky adhesive that, usually, will not bond or adhere at normal temperatures. As part of its design, this adhesive only begins to bond when heated to a very specific temperature.Heat activated adhesive films offer a lot of versatility in their design and application.


They are industrial in scope and have actually grown extensively in popularity over the last few decades.Phase one occurs takes place within seconds of the heat activation process. Bonding occurs between the two objects and the adhesive tape itself begins to cool after being heated. The second phase of the process is carried out over the next few minutes. Once the adhesive has had chance to cool down, the chemicals on the tape start crystallizing.


This increases the strength of the material bond significantly.One of the big draws to heat activated adhesives is that it is completely dry before being heated. There is no tackiness, and it will not stick to itself, making it incredibly easy to work into various cracks and crevices without major hassle. The tape itself feels like paper and only becomes sticky under heated conditions.


Adhesive films use thin layers of specifically designed bonding agents attached to some sort of backing material to get the job done. This gives you, the user, a product that is equal parts easy to use and extremely versatile. Backings can be coated with the adhesive on one or both sides. They may also be treated with different concentrations of the same adhesive. This makes them more or less appropriate for different tasks.