What is the role of hot melt omentum


First, there thermo-adhesive film are more people and i […]

First, there thermo-adhesive film are more people and individuals who know hot-melt omentum, indicating that the popularity of hot-melt omentum is higher; second, the public still lacks certain knowledge of hot-melt omentum, although hot-melt omentum The popularity is higher, but everyone's awareness of it is still lacking! The lack of knowledge about hot melt omentum is not only about its function, but also about its use and basic characteristics.


Casting Hot Fusible Film



There have always been some people who have always asked the editor whether there are any specifications of non-woven fabrics, or the price of a certain type of non-woven fabric. I have to patiently tell them that we don't make non-woven fabrics, but we make hot-melt omentum, which is a kind of adhesive, which is used in combination with non-woven materials.


Indeed, the recognition of the physical form of the hot-melt mesh and the non-woven fabric is indeed too small, especially for those who do not know or have not seen the hot-melt mesh, it is easy to intuitively mistake it as a kind of Non-woven fabric. The hot-melt mesh film is essentially an adhesive, but different from what we understand is that it is a thermal adhesive that requires hot pressing before it can be used for material bonding.


Simply put, there is no stickiness at room temperature, and its advantages can only be exerted after heating and pressing! The role of hot melt mesh is to solve the problem of material composite in various industries. Someone might say that using conventional glue is not enough? In fact, it cannot be said that it is impossible. Considering all factors, it is definitely necessary to choose a suitable adhesive. Conventional glues have their own uses, but they are not necessarily suitable for all industries.