What type of hot melt adhesive film is used for shoe materials


At present, there are many parts that need to be glued […]

At present, there are many parts that need to be glued in the shoe material industry, such as insoles, uppers, soles, and trademarks for shoes. Depending on the material and production process, there are different types of thermo-adhesive film available, such as TPU hot melt adhesive film, EVA hot melt adhesive film, PO hot melt adhesive film, PES hot melt adhesive film, etc. The EVA hot melt adhesive film we introduced today is mainly used for bonding EVA foam in insoles. There are many materials for insoles, such as sponge, cloth, leather, EVA, etc.


The production of shoe soles usually uses EVA foam production process. This production process is to inject the material into the mold and heat it at a high temperature to form a shoe midsole. The foamed products have very large resilience and shock absorption performance, and the comfort is very high when wearing. When bonding EVA foam and shoe uppers, it is recommended to use EVA hot-melt adhesive film, because they are all composed of the same material-vinyl acetate copolymer, and a strong attraction between the molecules when bonding makes the two firmly adhere to each other. together.


EVA hot melt adhesive film is a low melting point hot melt adhesive film with a melting point of 80°C. It is solid at room temperature and has very strong viscosity after being melted at high temperature. The actual operating temperature of EVA hot-melt adhesive film is not high, about 100°C. When bonding foamed products, low-temperature operation can protect the foaming from deformation and damage, thereby improving the quality of the bonded products.


In addition, the pressing equipment used when melting the hot melt adhesive film is set at a lower temperature, thereby reducing energy consumption and saving economic costs. First of all, we must consider which hot-melt adhesive is suitable for the material of the bonding part. Generally speaking, EVA and TPU hot-melt adhesive films are suitable for most shoe materials and have very good bonding effects. Secondly, we must consider the appropriate operating temperature, because improper temperature operation will not play the value of the film, please ask our staff for details. Finally, consider whether the selected hot-melt adhesive film is resistant to water washing and high temperature.