Why hot melt adhesive film can replace the traditional glue in the adhesive industry?


As an environmentally friendly, solvent-free, adhesive material without other polymers, hot melt adhesives are currently becoming more and more popular in industrial production. When it comes to adhesive products, we should think of traditional glue. Why can hot melt adhesive film replace traditional glue in the adhesive industry and become the darling of the market?

1. High benefits. For example, the cost per square meter of wood panels bonded by hot melt film is only a few cents higher than that of wood panels bonded by glue, but the added value of the product price is much greater than the cost increase caused by the replacement of glue. value. This is the reason why the new polymer hot melt adhesive film is replacing traditional glue bonding, which can bring better economic benefits to customers and realize value enhancement for customers' products.
Hot melt adhesive film
2. Environmental protection. From the perspective of the company's own environmental protection and safety, the use of polymer hot melt film has more environmental protection and safety advantages. In the production process, the use of environmental protection treatment facilities in the glue joint workshop is necessary, and the environmental protection investment and operation of the equipment are very expensive. Especially in the economically developed areas of the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, more and more companies use glue production technology. It is difficult to obtain approval because the glue is dangerous goods and requires a special storage warehouse for dangerous goods to increase investment in environmental protection and safety risks.

3. Easy recruitment. In the glue production workshop, the smell is pungent. Workers now pay more attention to protection and their own health. In the glue production workshop, it is often difficult to recruit workers, and higher wages are needed to retain workers. In the production workshop of hot melt adhesive film, there is almost no peculiar smell, and no harmful volatiles are released. More people are willing to work in such a clean environment.

It can be seen that the hot melt adhesive film can replace the use of traditional glue in industrial production because of its own value and advantages.

thermo adhesive film

 hot melt adhesive film(fusible hemming film)with a outstandingly good resistance to water wash/dry cleaning and high/low temperature,breathability,hand feel soft,strong adhesion and good elasticity and resilience。

1:Automotive interior
2:Home textiles
3:Garment&luggage industry
4:Medical non-woven fabric
6:Sound&thermal insulation
7:Filter materials