HDPE Hot Melt Film For Noniron Garment Suppliers

HDPE Hot Melt Film For Noniron Garment

HDPE Hot Melt Film For Noniron Garment

Feature: resolve the wrinkle problems of the non-iron shirts, making the shirts not only look  stiff and smooth, but also automatically recover to smooth after washing.
Other names: film for non-iron garment
Application: High-grade shirts

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HDPE Hot Melt Film For Noniron Garment

Physical Properties Instruction:
Weight: 25g/m²
Width: 6-1500 mm
Thickness: 35±2μm
Melting Point: 124℃
Heat Press Temperature: 160-175℃
Base material: high-density PE film
Appearance: PE film is Frosted and Semitransparent,Apertured film is clear or black

Improve seam strength and seam appearance of your shirts and blouses with our fusible tapes - whether it’s for armholes,
side seams, yokes or breast pockets.

Features & Benefits
Fusible tape
High-density polyethylene film
Prevents seam puckering
Reduces seam ripples after washing
Ideal for fabrics which tend to strike through (e.g. open weave, dark colours)
Especially for wrinkle-free and non-iron shirts
Meets OEKO-TEX®Standard 100

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