Adhesive Resin For Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel(ACP)

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PA hot melt adhesive film is a hot melt adhesive film product based on polyamide (Polyamide). It has good heat and cold resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance and medium resistance. The film is clear, pale blue, odorless, and can be quickly cured by hot pressing. It is suitable for bonding fabrics, leather, plastics, metals and other materials, and has good washing and dry cleaning resistance.

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PA hot melt adhesive film

Product code

ZPMA-film001 ZPMA-film003 ZPMA-film004
Supply form film film film


0.02-0.2 0.02-0.2 0.02-0.2
5-1600 5-1600 5-1600

Melting point

115-125 105-110 125-135
Bond strength
(N/5cm 2 )
>20 >20 >20
** ** ***
Dry cleaning resistance
*** *** ***
Pressing temperature
130-140 120-130 150-160
Pressing time
15-20 15-20 15-20
Pressure(kgf/cm 2 ) 0.3-0.5 0.3-0.5 0.3-0.5
Applicable to Suitable for embroidered badges, embroidered sheet adhesive, shoe and hat adhesive, trademark adhesive, handicrafts, woven labels and other types of textiles. Main application areas: high-end clothing and clothing accessories, etc.
Note: The pressing conditions are for reference only and are related to the pressing equipment, thickness of the bonded material, and pressure. Users need to confirm experimentally according to specific conditions.
***: Very good **: Good *: OK —: Not recommended NO: No data
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